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FAQs about Food Price Increases

food pricesAlmost everyone is predicting that, in 2013, food prices in general will rise. Moreover, prognosticators are telling consumers which items will go up most.  That useful information can help you devise coping mechanisms to keep your food costs in the area you can afford.  Basically, smart shopping techniques, improved handling of products you bring home so that shelf life is extended, and some changes in food choices--all these should enable you to dine enjoyably within your budget. (Don't we all hate that word?)

FAQs about Shelf Life: Tortillas, Pancakes, Wine, and More

pancakesThe two most commonly asked questions about shelf life are these:  How long will this food last?  What can I do to make it last longer? As you read the answers in these FAQs, remember these two points: 1) Shelf life is NOT about safety; it's about quality. 2) The "use-by" date on a product generally refers only to the unopened item.  If you want to know how long the contents in an OPENED container will remain at its best, you can find the answers for hundreds of foods by using the search box on this site's home page.  Now, onward to the questions we've been asked recently.

Scientists Answer Two FAQs about Egg Safety

EggsSince the major egg outbreak and recall in 2010, Shelf Life Advice visitors are asking more questions about the safe handling and consumption of eggs.  Recently, Chicagoan Kay M. sent us two egg-related questions; one about organic eggs and another about raw egg whites. Here are her questions and the responses from 4 scientists.

Ten FAQs about the Prickly Pineapple

PineapplePineapple,  despite its off-putting exterior, is America's second most popular tropical fruit after the banana, says the George Mateljan Foundation on the Whole Foods website.  Obviously, a ton of people have discovered that, hidden inside its ugly and sometimes vicious exterior, is a treat that's delicious (a delightful blend of sweet and tart), nutritious, filling, and, best of all, low in calories.  For pineapple fans who bemoan its fragility and for pineapple avoiders who fear the challenge of carving it, we've put together a series of helpful FAQs to enhance your confidence when interacting with this finger-pricking product. We've included advice from selection all the way to consumption.  Here we go.

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