Must milk be pasteurized to be safe to drink? Is raw milk unsafe?

Here’s what  Morton Satin, author of Food Alert!, has to say:  “The consumption of raw [unpasteurized] milk is not an acceptable health risk….The consumption of raw milk has caused numerous outbreaks of milk-borne typhoid fever,  salmonellosis, diphtheria, scarlet fever, and other intestinal diseases.”
Twenty-eight states still allow intrastate sale of raw milk on the farm by licensed farms to end point consumers who bring their own containers. However, in actuality, few states license farms. In 2008, California banned sale of milk with more than 10 coliform bacteria/ml, which is essentially unpasteurized milk.  But those who prefer raw milk claim that it tastes better and has more nutrients than pasteurized milk. 
Journal of Food Protection,Vol.69, No.5, 2006, Pages1190–1216
Food Alert! by Morton Satin, second edition, 2008


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