How should fresh berries be stored?

 Do not wash fresh berries prior to storage. Residual moisture can cause mold growth. Additionally, the chalk-like bloom on blueberry skins helps keep the blueberries fresh.
Strawberries should be stored at a temperature of 32°F to 36°F. Store strawberries with their green caps intact. Place them in a tightly covered container to avoid moisture and resulting mold growth. Put them in the low-moisture bin of your refrigerator.
Blueberries can be stored at room temperature for a day or two. Refrigerated blueberries store best at 40°F. Refrigerate them in tightly covered container to avoid moisture and mold growth.
Raspberries quickly grow mold at room temperature. Refrigerate them in a single layer in a moisture-proof container at a temperature of 34°F-38°F.
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