How should fresh bakery bread be stored?

Many bakers advise against storing freshly baked bread in loose-fitting plastic bags. The plastic doesn't allow bread to breathe, so it can lead to moisture build-up in the bag. At best, the bread will grow soggy. At worst, it will grow mold.
True, most commercially prepared breads are sold in plastic bags. The difference is that the majority of prepared bread is sliced and would dry quickly if not stored in plastic. Most prepared breads also contain preservatives to extend shelf life.
Wrapping bread in paper works well because it allows some air to circulate around the bread. A large napkin or a piece of cloth also works. Cloth keeps the bread fresh but also allows it to breathe. 
Fresh bread also can be stored in the refrigerator, though it may dry out faster there. For this reason, it's probably wiser to freeze it. Wrap the bread in plastic or foil, and then place it in a resealable freezer bag in order to prevent freezer burn.
Frozen bread keeps up to three months.

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