Can I freeze raw tomatoes?

Yes, they may be frozen whole, sliced, or chopped. Tomatoes that have been frozen will be mushier than fresh tomatoes. Therefore, don't attempt to substitute a thawed tomato for a fresh one. However,  defrosted tomatoes are good for making sauces, pastes, and purées. Be sure to wash and dry the tomatoes before freezing them. Do not add seasonings, which can  either strengthen or weaken as a result of freezing.  Do not freeze spoiled tomatoes.
Tomatoes can be frozen either with or without their peels. If you plan to keep the peel, cut away the stem scar, place the tomatoes on cookie sheets, and freeze them. Tomatoes don't require  blanching prior to freezing. Once they are frozen, transfer the tomatoes from the cookie sheets to freezer bags or air-tight freezer containers.
If you prefer to freeze peeled tomatoes, dip them in boiling water for about 1 minute or until the skins split. Peel them, and then follow the same procedures as for unpeeled tomatoes. Frozen tomatoes should be consumed within 8 months.
University of Nebraska "Freezing Raw Tomatoes"


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