Can I freeze pre-wrapped ground beef in the store wrapping?

Before freezing, be sure that the ground beef is tightly wrapped.   Do not  freeze ground beef in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) , especially if the packaging is puffed up like a pillow. Puffing can result from displacing air with MAP gas, leaving head space over the beef. During freezing, water may migrate from the beef to the head space area, resulting in dehydration and  freezer burn. The pillow also may puncture if something is placed on top of it. However, it’s worth noting that MAP uses involving ground beef usually position the ground beef  right against the packaging, so it is unlikely to contain the pillow associated with most meats in MAP packaging.
Before freezing, re-package the beef in an oxygen- and vapor-proof cling film.
Brewer, M.S. and Chapman-Novakofski, K. 2006.  Meat Safety for the Consumer, University of Illinois Extension.



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