Can cream and cream products be frozen?

Opinions vary, though freezing generally isn't recommended for whipping cream, as it may adversely affect the cream's quality and texture once it has thawed. Among other problems, whipping cream  may not whip up after it has been frozen.
The concern with lighter creams such as half & half is that  ice crystals may shatter the cream's  protein, causing ingredients to separate. The result is a watery, flecky appearance and consistency.
Nevertheless, some processors have indicated that lighter creams are suitable for freezing, providing they are in a plastic freezer container. They also advise leaving an inch of  headspace to accommodate expansion once the cream has frozen. 
Whipped cream can be frozen for up to a month. Freeze whipped cream in dollops or mounds on a cookie sheet. Once the dollops are frozen, place them in a plastic freezer container. Separate layers with wax paper. Place the dollops on top of desserts 10 minutes prior to serving. Do not freeze whipped cream in its original aerosol can.
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