Refrigerating Food and Refrigerator Care

What Can and Can't Go In The Fridge Door

  • Don’t put eggs in the refrigerator door.  The temperature fluctuates there when the door is opened.  
  • The door is a fine place for pasteurized fruit juices, olive oil, re-corked white wine, and condiments such as mustard and ketchup.
  • Butter can  be stored in the door  because it has a very high  fat content  (80%) and low  water content (20%), which inhibits microbial growth


Proper Refrigeration Placement Of Raw Meat, Chicken, And Fish

  • Place raw meat, chicken, or fish on the bottom shelf for two reasons, food scientist Susan Brewer, Ph.D. explains:   1) it’s  cooler there because warmer air rises; and 2) when on the bottom shelf, raw items cannot “drip”  (and contaminate) other foods that may not be cooked before being consumed. 


How To Clean The Refrigerator

Daily (and before grocery shopping)

Food Safety Facts

  • Every year, about 76 million Americans develop food poisoning from restaurants, the home, and elsewhere, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • Pathogenic bacteria such as salmonella and E.
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