FAQs on Organic Food

Is Organically Grown Food Better for the Environment?

Most consumers, whether they purchase organic food or not, probably believe the claim that organic farming is better for the environment because it will lead to a more sustainable planet. However, there are those who argue that it is no better and even that, long-term, it is worse. Food scientist Joe Regenstein, commenting on some pro-organic methods, shows us how complex the matter is.


Will Organic Baby Food Make Your Baby Healthier?

Not likely, according to a Chicago Tribune article. If the goal is to avoid feeding the baby pesticides, it isn’t necessary to spend more money to buy organic products. The article quotes food toxicologist Carl Winter, who says that pesticides aren’t commonly detected in baby food because the processing steps “are quite effective in breaking down trace residues of pesticides.” Moreover, he explains that pesticides are rarely used on crops grown for baby foods  because the appearance of the food is less important since it’s highly processed. 

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