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A CDC Article on Avoiding Food Poisoning

[Editor's Note: Dear reader: I know you must be quite sick of hearing about germs that can make you sick.

What Does the Word “Foodie” Mean? It Depends Who(m) You Ask

Fancy FoodWhat (or who) is a “foodie”? Is it a compliment or an insult to be called a foodie? Is it a real word with its own unique meaning or just a synonym for “gourmet”? These are some of the profound philosophical questions Shelf Life Advice is about to take up, so don your thinking caps and alert your appetite. This site about to consult the experts—dictionaries, food websites, scientists, and the average person (best example: myself) to learn about the origin, denotations, and connotations of this ubiquitous word.

Try Comfort Foods in Trying Times

A few months before coronavirus took over our lives, I was already planning an article on comfort foods, edibles that could offset the familiar discomforts of winter-- your car sliding into your hostile neighbor's vehicle, your new boots refusing to keep snow from freezing your toes, your kids (and even the dog) all getting drippy noses that last  for the duration of the season. 

New Research and Useful Tips on Extending Shelf Life

Wouldn't you love it if the food you brought home from the grocery store and the leftovers you refrigerated could last longer than they do? This thought is not just an impossible dream.

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